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Moving Companies

June 22, 2009

Companies that offer the storage place and reliable transportation of household or office goods anywhere in world are called “Moving Companies”. Locally vans and internationally “huge shipping containers” serve as the movers.

Ways of work of Moving Companies:


Movers are national and as per name, they extend their moving services up to every corner of the world. Just think of moving anywhere within the whole world and national moving companies will make it so easy for you, practically. Such companies need to be pretty well organized. They organize themselves with local branches or affiliated agents. You can think this affiliation as a franchise, but instead of a franchise based on a mega build a simple local agent can serve the purpose.

The other way round, local agent can own a share with national company, termed as “Agent” in that particular case. Many independent, small local movers also exist and they operate within their local areas.

Independent of the way a moving company works, all of them are required to be licensed with federal highway administration or their state commerce commission.

Whether you are looking for Texas movers or Florida movers, Movers Corp will help you to find the best local moving companies in your area.


Customer chooses which services he needs:

Moving companies leave it to the customer that whether they choose full services from the company or prefer only the selected ones, from here come the terms like PBO(packed by owner) and DIY(do it on your own) and Self-services as well.

Explanation of these different types is much needed:

Full services contain all moving equipments like truck, trailers and with them a professional mover who loads the van and move it to new residence and unload it after reaching destination. They even pack the household goods, ensuring the maximum safety.

In PBO moves household goods and business furniture is packed by owner himself to keep their moving costs down. This thing leads to major problem of “damages” which occur frequently in this case, as owners are not trained to pack their things properly .Moreover another huge point of contention in case of PBO moves is between mover and customer as both of them blame each other for damages.


DIY (do it yourself) and Self-Service:

DIYers simply rent a truck and equipment services from moving companies and do the rest of work themselves, thus getting themselves more involved but keeping the move cheap and less expensive.

More viable second option is of self service in which users buy space on one or more trailers or in case of international moves the “Shipping containers”.

Thus, owners doing all by themselves and just taking the service of containers/trailers and professional driver to move their goods is theme of self service. DIY or Self service providers also sell or lease materials like boxes, papers, tape and bubble wraps with which to pack different type of goods.

Both DIY and self services are less expensive but the company is not liable for any damage to goods except those which happen as result of traffic accident.

DIY moves in Australia, New Zealand and U.K.

Notable Moving Companies of US and UK:

Some of the notable operators in US include Van lines, Allied van lines, North American Van lines, Atlas Van lines, United Van lines and Pick ford in UK.